Love Stories


Shall We Dance Collection

After years of dancing, I realized that dancing shoes are very comfortable, even though their structure doesn't allow us to use them on the street. But if these shoes are so comfy, why not bring together the comfort of the dancing shoes with the design of the street wear? That's how 7Hills Shoes was born with a first collection inspired by the Dance Universe!

Tile by Tile Collection

This collection is inspired by the Portuguese tiles, especially on their details and colors. The collection captivates through its use of color and design, it replicates this "Portuguese feeling" that is felt throughout the city.

Curly Collection

Curly Collection is inspired by wrought iron, its details mirror the works of iron in Portuguese balconies. However, as I have been in other countries, such as the UK, I realize that wrought iron work is also popular there, so this collection can conquer not only the people that are familiar with Portuguese balconies but anyone from around the world.