"Shall we dance" Collection

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We already told you that 7Hills was born of the alliance between the convenience dance wear and originality of street wear design.
So our first collection had to be inspired by the dance universe! We wanted to include details that take us to the tutus of the dancers, satins, fluid cuts, movement and laces.
The collection "Shall we dance?" is a capsule of three models, each with 3 colors (pink, burgundy and dark gray).
The first model is called Prima Ballerina. It was inspired by the pointe dance shoes of the dancers, hence the detail of satin ribbon that can be used with the shoe or if they prefer, can simply use it without it (this tape comes in two colors: burgundy and dark gray). It's a good transition if they want to use it during the day and then at night go to a dinner or a different event!
Then we have the model Royal Ballet. This model resembles the bands of corsetry of the dancers. The satin ribbon can be changed as it comes in two colors (burgundy and dark gray) to change depending on the taste.
And finally we have the models Romantic Ballet. A Sabrina inspired tutus of the dancers, we remember the detail that this shoe has behind. A small note that transforms Sabrina which apparently is common.
Who was curious to have a 7Hills at his feet?

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