7Hills, your walking love story...

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All of us have experienced situations where women are uncomfortable with their heels, need help to get to the car or even in magic step, they took of their purses a flat shoe just to be able to get trough that wedding reception that seemed endless! Believe me, I've been there, like many other women.

After many years dancing, I realized that dance shoes are very comfortable, although its structure can’t hold using them on the street. But if these shoes are so comfortable, why not join the comfort of dance shoes with the design of street shoes?

It was then we created the 7 Hills. A brand that brings together the best of both worlds: the comfort of dancewear with the street wear design.

7Hills is inspired in Lisbon and in the Lusitanian soul. The seven hills it selves’ work as support and starting point for our whole philosophy. They are a place of passion, fado (traditional Portuguese song) and poetry. Without forgetting the contemporary of the brand, 7 Hills breath the history of a country that was born from several love tales, longing and desire.

Did anyone got curious? Get to know all our SS15 collection here and welcome to 7Hills world!

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